Download Planoplan Editor

Planoplan for Web vs Planoplan Editor

Planoplan for Web Planoplan Editor
3D mode 50 frames per second 70 frames per second (+50%)
Memory limit 0.7GB for 32 bit browsers
1.6GB for 64bit browsers
No memory limits.
All available RAM of your computer is used.
Switching speed between projects 1 faster by 10 times
Improved project manager No Yes
How your projects are saved The size is limited, depends on the size of the browser cache Your projects are saved both on the server and on the computer.

Advantages of Planoplan Editor

1. High speed of work

Planoplan Editor is 50% faster than the web version of Planoplan. Enjoy the work!

2. Independence from the browser and plugins

When using Planoplan Editor, you no longer need to wait for the browser to load. Planoplan Editor is now completely independent.

3. There are no limitations on RAM. Projects can be of any size.

Planoplan Editor uses all the RAM of your computer. This allows you to work with large projects containing a large number of rooms and decor elements.

4. Quick and comfortable switching between projects

The improved interface of the Project List section allows you to easily switch between projects.

5. Increased reliability

If the Internet connection is lost, there is no longer any danger of losing data on the project. In case of unsuccessful saving to the server, the project is saved locally and deleted only after successful saving to the server.

System requirements

Minimum system requirements:
Processor: Intel or AMD 1.8GHz
Video: 512 MB of video memory, DirectX 9 compatible
Memory: 4 GB
Operating system: Windows 7, MacOS 10.7

Recommended System Requirements:
Processor: Intel Core i5 or similar AMD and higher
Video card: 4 GB of video memory, DirectX 11 compatible
Memory: 16 GB
Operating system: Windows 10, MacOS 10.12

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