Planoplan 3.0.5 – What's new

Updates to rendering, VR panoramas and exposure compensation

  • 4 july 2023
  • 2809
There will be a new preview render with higher resolution and new 4K renders (4K Quality+)

The trial renderer with a resolution of 800*450 pixels has been replaced by a preview with a higher resolution – 1280*720 pixels. Preview renders are created to show the quality of rendering with real contrasts of natural lighting and reduce the render loading time by 2 times.

Renders in SPEED quality are no longer supported, and Quality became standard. The SPEED quality settings became outdated because they were not adapted to the texture settings, materials, and light sources from the catalog. That is why SPEED renders did not reveal all the possibilities of 3D visualization.

Quality+ has all the new settings for artificial and natural light, exposure, shadows, and other important for professionals settings set up and working. Read more about new Planoplan rendering features here.

Selecting 2 objects displays the size of each object

Before, selecting multiple objects (two or more) in the Properties window only displayed the sizes of one object. This was misleading when you worked with objects. In Planoplan 3.0.5 if you select multiple objects (two or more), the sizes of each object are displayed. If objects have the same size, then different sizes will be displayed in the properties window.

Automatic exposure compensation is off

Before, using very bright lighting or high sun brightness (greater than 1.0) would make the renders too dark. Now, in Planoplan 3.0.5 the automatic exposure will work linearly and more predictably.

What was fixed

Fixed a problem with saved cameras during render creation

The "save" or "reset" buttons work correctly. It is also possible to switch the saved cameras easily.

The VR-panorama camera in a room with high ceilings is positioned correctly - at the right height

Before, while creating a VR-panorama in a room with high ceilings, the camera location was centered on the wall height and not on the camera level. In Planoplan 3.0.5, the VR-panorama appears at the same level as the camera.

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