New Planoplan rendering features

From July 4, the quality of renders will change

  • 27 june 2023
  • 2765
There will be a new preview render with higher resolution .

The trial rendering with a resolution of 800*450 pixels will be replaced by a preview with higher resolution – 1280*720 pixels. The loading time of these previews will be reduced by 2 times.

Before Planoplan users could choose between two rendering quality options - SPEED or Quality, now Quality becomes standard.

The original purpose of using SPEED quality is to get a quick test render with the ability to later make a full-fledged render in better quality and greater resolution. Renders in SPEED quality are outdated, because they are not adapted to the existing in the catalog settings of textures, materials, light sources, etc., do not reveal all the possibilities of 3D-visualization.

To make sure that the final result of rendering meets the highest modern requirements for 3D-visualization, we decided no longer to support SPEED quality. Instead, the only available rendering quality – Quality – will be used. In this kind of quality all the new settings for artificial and natural light, exposure, shadows and other parameters important for professionals are configured and work.

Instead of a rendering that was previously a "trial" with a resolution of 800*450 pixels, Planoplan will be able to create a preview with a resolution of 1280*720 pixels now, the download speed of which will be reduced by half.

To get a higher resolution (FullHD or QHD) render, you need to buy rendering packages for the corresponding resolution.

New 4K renders added (4K Quality+)

Now Planoplan will offer higher quality renderings in 4K resolution with maximum detail and ultra-realistic lighting.

To create a render like this, the strongest server capacity will be used, with additional filters and processes applied. Calculating a 4K render may take several hours, but it will allow you to get it in perfect quality and use it for high-resolution printing.

The cost of renders will be lower

Since the speed of render preview making became faster, the load on the server capacity has decreased. This allowed us to reduce the cost of rendering for PRO+ and TEAM tariff users. By default, for users of these rates, there will be an additional discount from the base cost of rendering in the amount of 50%. For example, if you buy a package of 50 HD renders, the cost per render will be 30 cents.

Create design projects in Planoplan using new rendering features!