Important information!

Before starting any usage of Planoplan software application or any of its components one needs to get familiar with the terms of its usage provided in the current License Agreement. By downloading, installing, launching or making any other actions in order to use the software application, you enter into an agreement and give full consent with all provisions and conditions of the current agreement. If you are not ready to give us full consent and enter into an agreement, you have no legal right no use the software application.

1. Definitions and interpretations

  1. 1.1. An "Offer" is a public offer addressed to any person to enter into the current licensing agreement (hereinafter referred to as "Agreement") on the conditions and terms defined within the Agreement. All the conditions mentioned in this Agreement shall be deemed essential. The offer is the right of the Licensee to enter into a licensing agreement with the Copyright Holder to use the software application.
  2. 1.2. "Acceptance" is the full and unconditional consent of the Agreement's conditions by the Licensee. Partial acceptance of the Agreement is not allowed.
  3. 1.3. "Authorized representative" — Kelnik UG, Minervastr. 10, 74613 Öhringen, Germany.
  4. 1.4. "Licensee" — any legal entity or an individual with a legal right to use the software according to the current EU legislation and legislation of other countries, on the territory of which the software and the current Agreement are used.
  5. 1.5. "Software" — is software developed by the Copyright Holder and named Planoplan. The software is a set of information, data, and commands to be applied to computers and computer systems to acquire certain results, i.e., apartment floor plans, interior design, and photo-realistic images (renders), plans, schemes, and circuit layouts.
  6. 1.6. "Software application" — the process of remote access to the software via the Internet.
  7. 1.7. "Website" is an official website hosted at the following address in the Internet worldwide network.
  8. 1.8. "Technical support" is a set of activities within the limits defined by the Copyright Holder to support the software’s proper functioning and maintenance.
  9. 1.9. "Account" is a structure of certain data, information, and the amount of available functionality of the software related to its united database element. It's customized by the set of credentials and personal data provided by the Licensee in the process of signing up.
  10. 1.10. "Registration" is the process of the Licensee's account creation in the software according to the conditions of a relevant tariff plan. The Copyright Holder has the right to confirm the Licensee's email address. A letter with a code is sent to the Licensee. After entering it in a special field in the registration form and clicking the "Confirm e-mail" button, the Licensee's e-mail address is considered to be confirmed, and the Licensee is considered to have passed the registration.
  11. 1.11. "Login" is a unique name (nickname) of the Licensee, specified at the moment of Licensee registration to identify the Licensee. It should be used in conjunction with the password to get access to the account. The Licensee shall use their e-mail address as a Login.
  12. 1.12 "Ticket" is an electronic request with a description of problems and issues related to the software, which has to be sent to the general email address of technical support,, or by submitting a feedback form at the Support Center
  13. 1.13. "The free trial period (TRIAL) of using the software" is a two-week period that is automatically activated for each new user who has passed the registration. The functionality of the free trial period corresponds to the PRO+ tariff plan.
  14. 1.14. "View only" mode is an opportunity to view the created project after the free trial period has expired (Art. 1.13) and before the subscription to any of the tariff plans.
  15. 1.15. "Teamwork" is the main working mode for the TEAM tariff plan. The TEAM tariff rate enables the user to create a team of other users (to work simultaneously) and administer it. The number of users within the team is not limited. The minimal number of users is 2 (two). Therefore, the total number of simultaneously working users is limited by the number of purchased licenses. The team members can view and edit common projects within a team and use a common library of 3D models and textures. In case, when the user is removed from the team, as well as when the TEAM tariff plan license is terminated, the users switch to the individual tariff plan and lose access to the projects created within the team, as well as to the library of 3D models and textures created within the team.
  16. 1.16. Network License is a feature available only through the TEAM tariff plan. It allows the user to install the software on several computers. However, the total number of individuals using the software simultaneously has to be equal to the number of purchased licenses.
  17. 1.17. Editor is a 3D editor, which can be downloaded for free only on the website of the Copyright Holder. Downloading from any other sources is illegal. In such cases, the Copyright Holder is not responsible for the consequences of the user's actions. For more information about the system requirements, see section 15.
  18. 1.18. The database is an electronic catalog of models, textures, and materials created by the Copyright Holder, hosted on the software's computing power and used for any work with the software of any person.
  19. 1.19. Licensee's Catalog (available on the TEAM tariff plan) is an electronic product catalog created by the Licensee, hosted on the software computing power, included in the database, and used in any work with the software.
    • while working with the software, all 3D models, textures, shapes, and other elements of the Licensee Library must meet the Copyright Holder's specific technical requirements;
    • when the Licensee adds 3D models, materials, textures, and other elements that meet the technical requirements of the Copyright Holder to their database, the latter has the right to open, at their discretion, 3D models, materials, and textures from the Licensee's catalog for access to third parties using the software according to tariff plans. Otherwise, access is given without any restrictions to the method, timing, and territory of use (for users of paid tariff plans). At the same time, the Licensee has no right to demand any payment or other counter-provision for the use of 3D models, materials, and textures made available for the Copyright Holder and/or any third parties or other licensees (regardless of the terms of use and purchased tariff plans).
  20. By adding 3D models, materials/textures, and other elements that meet the technical requirements of the Copyright Holder to the database, Licensee guarantees that he has intellectual property rights for the elements added to the software database (Catalog). In the event of claims or lawsuits against the Copyright Holder related to the violation of the rights of third parties in connection with the use of such elements by the Copyright Holder and/or any third parties, other licensees of the software, the Licensee shall fix such claims or take other necessary actions to avoid costs and losses from the Copyright Holder, or compensate them in full if such preventive actions are impossible. In addition, by placing any elements in the database, the Licensee agrees to the right of the Copyright Holder to remove items from the database at any time in the case of claims or the requirements of third parties.
  21. 1.20. 3D Model/Texture/Material is a catalog item included in the database (Catalog) or/and The Licensee's Catalog.
  22. 1.21. 3D-and VR- Content/Render is a photorealistic image produced by the Licensee while working with the software and applying the cloud render-farm with specific rendering settings. It is available on the BASIC, PRO+, and TEAM tariff plans, as well as during the free trial period (Art. 1.13).

2. Scope of the Agreement. General terms

  1. 2.1. According to this Agreement the Licensee is granted the right to use the software as part of the services (Art. 1.15–1.22) that operate within the software according to the tariff plan chosen by the Licensee. The Copyright Holder is committed to granting the Licensee the right to use the software in the form of a simple (non-exclusive) license within the limits provided for in this Agreement. The Licensee does not have the right to grant sublicenses to third parties.
  2. 2.2. The software application includes:
  3. 2.2.1. Licensee Account Registration and Creation
  4. 2.2.2. Editing account information;;
  5. 2.2.3. Using the software functionality within the framework of the purchased tariff plan.
  6. 2.3. The terms of this Agreement are binding when using the software regardless of the tariff plan chosen by the Licensee, as well as in the case of free use ("View only" mode) of the software to the extent provided.
  7. 2.4. This Agreement is available for a wide audience at the Copyright Holder’s website.
  8. 2.5. The Licensee must accept the terms of the Agreement in their entirety and in the form in which they were formulated (offer acceptance).

3. Rights and Obligations of the Copyright Holder

  1. 3.1. The Copyright Holder has the right to:
  2. 3.1.1. To refuse and/or terminate access to the software until the full payment is received;
  3. 3.1.2. To terminate the contract and/or refuse to grant the Licensee rights to use the software if the Licensee fails to meet the payment terms;
  4. 3.1.3. To release new versions and updates of the software, to set terms of their provision to the Licensee, terms of technical support and maintenance;
  5. 3.1.4. To unilaterally change this Agreement by issuing new editions and notifying licensees by publishing new changes on its website no later than 7 (seven) days before they become effective. By continuing the usage of the software after making these changes, the Licensee fully approves all changes and additions to the Agreement;
  6. 3.1.5. Unilaterally change tariff plans by posting a new list on its website no later than 7 (seven) days before the changes enter into force. At the same time, no changes may be made during the prepaid period (until it expires), because prices for prepaid features (services) cannot be changed until they are fully utilized.

4. Rights and Obligations of the Licensee

  1. 4.1. The Licensee has the right to:
  2. 4.1.1. Create an unlimited number of accounts. At the same time, only one account can be registered under one tariff plan (for BASIC, PRO+ tariff plans). For the TEAM tariff plan, a possibility of teamwork and the purchase of network licenses (Art. 1.15., 1.16) is foreseen.
  3. 4.1.2. Use all the functionality of the software available within the specific tariff plan.
  4. 4.1.3. Upload and store information (project files, renderings, VR panoramas, textures, 3D models) on the Copyright Holder's servers in the manner and to the extent provided for by the chosen tariff plan.
  5. 4.1.4. To use the results of the work received in the software for commercial purposes, but at the same time, the Licensee is obliged to keep a direct, unambiguous, unconditional, and unlimited indication that these results were obtained using the software. This rule is not applicable to the results made by the software under the PRO+ and TEAM tariff plans.
  6. 4.1.5. Make suggestions for optimization in the work of the software.
  7. 4.1.6 Get access to updates and new versions of the software in the event of their release.
  8. 4.2. The Licensee has the following duties:
  9. 4.2.1. You agree to use the software only within the scope of your rights and in the ways specified in this Agreement.
  10. 4.2.2. When choosing a tariff plan, make payments under this Agreement following the terms of this Agreement.
  11. 4.2.3. To provide information about the activities of its employees in a case when such activities lead or may lead to a violation of the current legislation, at the request of the Copyright Holder.
  12. 4.2.4. To immediately notify the Copyright Holder about any case of unauthorized or illegal access to the software application with the credentials of the Licensee, as well as about all cases of password disclosure.
  13. 4.2.5. To provide the equipment that meets the technical requirements for using the software, Internet access, and its proper application.
  14. 4.3. The Licensee is not allowed to:
  15. 4.3.1. Decompile, disassemble, modify the software, its design, layout, source code, and database, or create derivative works with the software in whole or in part;
  16. 4.3.2. . Remove logos or other automatically generated information about the software and the Copyright Holder from the results of work with the software, as well as crop the images so that the logo is removed (including tools of web-browsers on Internet sites);
  17. 4.3.3. Impersonate any natural or legal person, including but not limited to the Copyright Holder's personnel or freelancers, and spread false information about their involvement in the software or/and the Copyright Holder and any other natural or legal person;
  18. 4.3.4. Upload, post, or transfer information in any other way without having a legal right to do so by law or by any contract or agreement, including official data, patented, or otherwise subject to no disclosure;
  19. 4.3.5. Use the software for profit and/or on behalf of the software's copyright holder without prior permission;
  20. 4.3.6. Request passwords and other identification information from other licensees for illegal use, as well as for commercial or malicious purposes;
  21. 4.3.7. To reproduce the software on hardware capacity (servers and other workstations), including recording to computer memory;
  22. 4.3.8. Transfer the license to other Licensees (it is not a violation to create accounts for teamwork and purchase network licenses under the TEAM tariff plan);
  23. 4.3.9. Use the software to obtain source code and database structures designed to create similar software;
  24. 4.3.10. Install malware or cause other harm to the copyright holder and/or other Licensees; Upload extremist, pornographic, defamatory, humiliating, and other types of content that may discriminate against people based on their religion, nationality, or other characteristics, as well as call for revolution, an unhealthy lifestyle, suicide, and other illegal and prohibited actions.
  25. 4.3.11. The Licensee may not use the software in any way that contradicts or leads to a violation of current EU legislation or legislation of other countries on whose territories the software is used.
  26. 4.3.12. Make the software available to a large number of people;
  27. 4.3.13. Distribute copies of the software or its parts and/or perform other actions aimed at getting commercial profits from third parties from the use of the software.
  28. 4.4. The Licensee is not entitled to perform actions that may result in:
  29. 4.4.1. Violation of equipment functionality and Copyright Holder's network;
  30. 4.4.2. Violation of software functionality or limitation of another Licensee's rights to use the software;
  31. 4.4.3. Unauthorised access to the Copyright Holder's software, as well as information, computing, and network resources;
  32. 4.4.4. Direct or potential harm to third parties, including the process of posting links that violate current EU or country legislation on the territories where the software is used. 

5. Billing rates

  1. 5.1. All new users who have passed the registration procedure (Art. 1.10.) automatically activate the free trial period (TRIAL). The duration of the free trial period (TRIAL) is 14 calendar days. At the end of the free trial period, users are automatically switched to the "View only" mode (Art. 1.14.), where users can only view the earlier created projects.
  2. 5.2. The Licensee has the right to choose a tariff plan. The plan list is available on the Internet at and is incorporated into this Agreement.
  3. 5.3. The Licensee makes a full prepayment to use the software according to the selected tariff plan. Until the payment for the software has been made, the Licensee can use only the "View only" mode (a preview of the earlier created projects); any additional features and services are provided to the Licensee only after full payment according to the selected tariff plan.
  4. 5.4. The Licensee has the right to apply the "View only" mode for an unlimited time without payment of remuneration. After the Licensee hasn’t used the software (didn't enter the account) for 3 years, the Copyright Holder has the right to delete the account and all the related content without prior notification. The Copyright Holder may restore the deleted content at the request of the Licensee for an additional fee and only if technically possible.
  5. 5.5. According to this Agreement the payment shall be made in EUR or USD, depending on the region of Licensee’s location. The payment can be transferred via PayPal or Stripe services
  6. 5.6. The Licensee is considered to fulfill the payment obligations at the moment when funds for the current billing period appear on the account of the Official Representative – Kelnik UG.
  7. 5.7. Within this Agreement, the following rules for changing the tariff plan are applied, in case the previous tariff plan has not expired:
  8. 5.7.1 When switching to a cheaper tariff plan, the Licensee pays for a new period of application. The transition to a new tariff plan will be made automatically on the date of payment. In this case, the funds deposited by the Licensee for the previous tariff plan will not be credited for the new tariff plan. The Licensee can wait until the end of the current billing period before changing the tariff plan.
  9. 5.7.2. When switching to a more expensive tariff plan, the Licensee pays for a new period on the terms specified on the page Pricing based on the price of the selected tariff provided for in the current tariff. The transition to a new tariff plan will be made automatically from the moment of payment for a new tariff plan with a new validity period.

6. Agreement validity

  1. 6.1. This Agreement acts worldwide without any territorial restrictions. Prices for services and opportunities mentioned in this Agreement is a subject to value added tax on the EU territory.
  2. 6.2. The Agreement is concluded and regulated in accordance with the laws of the EU and other countries where software is applied.
  3. 6.3. The Agreement remains in effect for the duration of the software application and/or the results of the Licensee's work in the software, i.e., the Agreement is not time-limited. The non-use (termination of use for any reason) of software by the Licensee does not entail the termination of this Agreement concerning the results obtained by the Licensee with the help of software. The reasons for refusal/termination are provided for by the current legislation of the EU and other countries, where the software is applied, as well as by this Agreement.
  4. 6.4. The Copyright Holder has the right to unilaterally terminate this Agreement by notifying the Licensee in the event of a violation of the terms of this Agreement on the use of the software by the Licensee. In this case, the Licensee's account will be deleted with all its contents, data, developments, results, projects, etc., without notifying the Licensee and without the possibility of its further recovery.
  5. 6.5. In the event of the Agreement termination by either of the parties for any reason, the Licensee is obliged to stop using the software completely. Any continued use of the software after the termination of the Agreement is illegal.
  6. 6.6. If any of the provisions of this Agreement are found to be invalid, the remainder of the Agreement remains in effect.
  7. 6.7. With payment for each subsequent period of use of the software and/or its features (services), the Licensee expresses his will to enter into this Agreement, including amendments and additions related, among other things, to the introduction of updates to the software provided to the Licensee. The Copyright Holder reserves the right to request the Licensee's consent to change the terms of use of the software and/or the terms of this Agreement when updating the software. If the Licensee is not able to provide full consent, they shall immediately stop using the software.
  8. 6.8. If the relevant license expires and the Licensee fails to pay for a new tariff plan, the Licensee can further use the software in a "View only" mode, taking into account the current restrictions.
  9. 6.9. In the event of early termination of this Agreement for any reason, the amount of the paid license is non-refundable.

7. Software Application usage conditions

  1. 7.1. Registration:
  2. 7.1.1. To use the software, the Licensee must go through the registration and create an account;
  3. 7.1.2. After completing the registration procedure and creating an account, the Licensee is considered to be familiar with the terms of the Agreement, and the Agreement itself is considered to be effective;
  4. 7.1.3. To register, the Licensee shall provide reliable and complete personal information mentioned in the registration form and surveys, and keep this information up-to-date. If the Licensee provides incorrect information or the Copyright Holder has reason to believe that the information provided by the Licensee is incomplete or unreliable, the Copyright Holder has the right, at its discretion, to block or delete the Licensee's account, as well as to prohibit the Licensee from using the software;
  5. 7.1.4. When registering, the Licensee chooses "login" (the unique name of the Licensee's account), which is an e-mail address (e-mail), as well as the password to access the account.
  6. 7.1.5. The Licensee is solely responsible for the security (complexity) of the chosen password and also ensures the confidentiality of the password in connection with the login. The Licensee is solely responsible for all actions/omissions (as well as their consequences) while using the software from the account, including cases of voluntary transfer or non-compliance with confidentiality of data for access to the account by third parties on any terms (including contracts of any nature and content). At the same time, all activities in the software under the Licensee's account are considered to be performed by the Licensee. For security reasons, the Licensee is obliged to perform a safe completion of work under their credentials (the "Exit" button) at the end of each session of work with the software;
  7. 7.1.6. The Copyright Holder is not responsible for the possible loss of data as well as other consequences of any nature related to the Licensee's violation of the provisions of this part of the Agreement;
  8. 7.2. Licensee's Account:
  9. 7.2.1. The Licensee establishes a software account;
  10. 7.2.2. The Licensee can edit and update their personal information as well as company and employee data, as well as change their password, upload files, and change their e-mail (login).
  11. 7.2.3 The Licensee can change all the information in their Account according to the current Agreement.
  12. 7.3. Account deletion:
  13. 7.3.1. The Copyright Holder has the right to block and delete the account, including all content (all uploaded files and created data) in the following cases:
  14. In the event that the licensee violates the terms of the Agreement or other regulations.
  15. When the Licensee never continues using any tariff plan (including the "View only" mode) for 3 (three) years after the termination of the license.
  16. As a result of a court decision or a violation of current EU and other countries' legislation in which the software is used.
  17. 7.3.2. In this Agreement, non-use of the software means the absence of data about the Licensee's authorization in the Copyright Holder's archive.
  18. 7.3.3. The Licensee can request to postpone (or cancel) the account deletion by contacting the technical support of the Copyright Holder via the email address.
  19. 7.4. Promotions:
  20. 7.4.1. The Copyright Holder has the right to announce promotions and various events related to software usage and/or its functions.
  21. 7.4.2. Information about promotions, rules, and terms may be posted on the software's website, in the Licensee's account, as well as be sent to the email address mentioned in the registration form.

8. Exclusive rights

  1. 8.1. Software is the result of intellectual activity and an object of exclusive rights (a computer program), which is regulated and protected by EU intellectual property law, as well as international law, and is protected worldwide.
  2. 8.2. The Copyright Holder owns the full scope of exclusive rights to the software.
  3. 8.3. The algorithms of the software and its source code (including its parts) are a trade secret of the Copyright Holder. Any use of them or of the software that violates the terms of this Agreement is considered a violation of the Copyright Holder's rights and is a sufficient reason for depriving the Licensee of the rights granted according to this Agreement, which does not deprive the Copyright Holder of the right to seek judicial protection of their violated rights and legitimate interests, including a claim for compensation of losses, moral damage, etc.
  4. 8.4. Responsibility for violation of exclusive rights is set by the current legislation of the EU and other countries where the software is applied.
  5. 8.5. This Agreement does not grant the Licensee any rights to use the trademarks and service marks of the Copyright Holder and/or its partners, as well as the rights to any use of other objects of the exclusive rights of the Copyright Holder, except as expressly provided for in the terms of this Agreement.
  6. 8.6. The Copyright Holder has the right to change, add, or delete the software files without the consent and notification of the Licensee. By default, any change made by the Copyright Holder to the software is recognized as aimed at its improvement, improvement, enhancement of functionality, and convenience of use.
  7. 8.7. This Agreement does not grant the Licensee an exclusive right to the software and its components, but only the right to use the software and its components following the conditions specified in this Agreement along with and at the same time with an unlimited number of other users who also have the right to use the software.

9. Technical Support

  1. 9.1. The Copyright Holder provides technical support to the Licensee relating to the software functionality, operation features on supported configurations, and operating systems (supported configurations and operating systems are specified in Section 15 of the Agreement) only if a tariff plan has been paid, as well as during a two-week free trial period.
  2. 9.2. The response time of Technical Support is not regulated.
  3. 9.3. To provide technical support, the Copyright Holder has the right to require the Licensee to provide information concerning account data, technical characteristics of equipment, and other information necessary for the technical support delivery.
  4. 9.4. The help request (Ticket) is submitted by the Licensee in electronic form with a description of problems and failures in the software operation, which is sent to the general email address of technical support on the website of the Copyright Holder, or while using the software.
  5. 9.5. The Copyright Holder has the right to change the rules and the method of communication with technical support at any time by publishing relevant information on the Pricing page.

10. Personal data processing conditions

  1. 10.1. By entering into the Agreement, the Licensee gives their full consent to provide their personal information under the (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) acting freely, by their own will, and in their own interest, and expresses their consent to provide and process, including storage, of the provided personal data by automation means or without them during the entire period of the Agreement and the existence of the Licensee's account. The policy regarding the processing of personal data is posted on the Copyright Holder's website. By entering into this Agreement, the Licensee confirms that his consent to the Policy is given voluntarily and unconditionally.

11. Cession of rights

  1. 11.1. The Copyright Holder reserves the right to assign (transfer) all their rights under this Agreement to a third party without the consent of the Licensee.
  2. 11.2. The Licensee does not have the right to assign its rights to third parties.

12. Liability of the parties

  1. 12.1. The Parties are responsible for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of their obligations under the Agreement in accordance with the Agreement and the legislature of the EU and other countries, where the software is applied.
  2. 12.2. The Copyright Holder is not liable to the Licensee for any kind of damage, loss of income, profit, information, or savings related to the usage or inability to use the software, including cases, when the Licensee notified the Copyright Holder about possibility of the damage in advance, or in a case when any notification was sent by third parties.
  3. 12.3. The Copyright Holder does not monitor, process, and is not responsible for the content and information uploaded by the Licensee. The Licensee shall monitor the confidentiality of information. The Copyright Owner is not responsible for the information uploaded and used by the Licensee while using the software, including the data that is a commercial secret of the Licensee.
  4. 12.4. The Licensee interacts with third parties using the software functionality at own risk.
  5. 12.5. The Copyright Holder also informs the Licensee and by entering into this Agreement the Licensee accepts the following terms unconditionally and implicitly:
    • The software, its modules, and functions, are delivered "as it is"; the Copyright Holder on its behalf and on behalf of any person who transferred the Copyright Holder the right to the software and materials contained therein, and on behalf of any person that transfers the Licensee rights to the software application, makes no expressed or implied warranties about the software, any of its parts, or any results of your work with software, including any design results obtained using software and data you upload to software, including, but not limited to, the quality and accuracy of software operation on the Licensee’s computer, suitability for the task, and violation of third party intellectual property;
    • The Copyright Holder on its own behalf and on behalf of any person who transferred the Copyright Holder the right to the software and materials used by the software, and any person that provides software to the Licensee shall not be liable for damages, costs, or expenses of any kind that may result from the use of software by the Licensee, including, but not limited to, damage to computer equipment, loss of data, and the inability to use the software, as well as any indirect, special, consequential, or other damages.
    • The Copyright Holder collects anonymous information about the technical characteristics of the user's computer to improve the quality of the software.
    • The Copyright Holder reserves the right to publish the users' work on any resource on the Internet at its discretion.

13. Representations and Warranties

  1. 13.1. The Licensee certifies the fact that by entering into the Agreement and fulfilling their responsibilities, they don't violate the law; all actions shall be made on behalf of the Licensee by an entity that has the required legal status (in a case when the Licensee is a legal entity); the Licensee has all required permissions and approval to enter into the agreement and fulfill their responsibilities.
  2. 13.2. The Licensee certifies that the usage of the software doesn't create and won't create any legal or financial consequences of a bad nature for the Copyright Holder.
  3. 13.3. The Licensee certifies that all the actions associated with the usage of the Account or the e-mail address are made by the Licensee, except in cases of unauthorized access (hacking), when the Licensee has to notify the Copyright Holder as soon as possible.
  4. 13.4. The Licensee confirms that the device in use (PC, laptop, etc.) has all the required anti-virus software to detect and eliminate malware (viruses, Trojans, and so on).

14. Final provisions

  1. 14.1. The Agreement is made in English.
  2. 14.2. The Copyright Holder never provides the Licensee with communication services and/or access to information and communication networks, including the Internet; and never receives, stores, processes, or transmits communication messages.
  3. 14.3. If errors are found when using the software, the Copyright Holder will make efforts to correct them as soon as possible. The parties agree that it's simply impossible to define a specific term for such a resolution.
  4. 14.4. Claims, requests, notifications, and other information are accepted from the Licensee's e-mail address, which is used as the account login.
  5. 14.5. Disputes arising from the Agreement are considered in accordance with the legislature of the EU and other countries, where the software is applied, in a court/arbitration court at the Official Representative location, unless any other solution is expressly provided by applicable law.

15. Technical requirements and supported operating systems

CPU: Intel or AMD 1.8GHz
GPU: 2 Gb RAM, DirectX 9 Compatible
Operating systems: Windows 10 (64-bit), MacOS 10.14 and later

CPU: Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 9 or later
GPU: 6GB RAM, DirectX 12 Compatible
Operating systems: Windows 11, MacOS 12.5

16. Copyright Owner credentials

Kelnik UG
Minervastr. 10
74613 Öhringen
Кto.-Inhaber: Kelnik UG
Kontonummer: DE96 6005 0101 0405 2170 89
Bank: BW Bank
USt-IdNr: DE325856644