Problem solving

Eliminating errors when opening projects

  • 5 november 2020
  • 13708

After working on the Planoplan server on 03.11.20, some users faced a number of problems when opening projects. Show us how to solve the most common problems:

Empty project opened

If you opened an empty project and have PRO/PRO+ plan — use project Restore, if you have Start plan — use RECOVERY promo code (it will switch you to PRO for 2 days where you can use project Restore). You can activate the promotional code in the Cabinet — Balance — field Promotion code for the product or plan.

Missing substrate

If a substrate (a loaded measurement plan) is missing in the project — we recommend reloading the substrate file and configuring it again.

Project doesn't open

If you don't have a project opening, please let us know by mail to support: