Planoplan subscription options

With an annual subscription you will have a discount of up to 17%, which is 2 months free
Basic toolset for a small amount of projects
If you subscribe for one year for 200 $
  • 35 projects
  • 3 floors
  • 30 downloadable textures
  • 10 downloadable models
  • Photorealistic rendering quality
  • 10 test renders per day
14 days free for new users
Professional toolkit for creating design projects
If you subscribe for one year for 450 $
  • Projects, downloadable textures, models and floors
  • Export plans in high quality
  • Photorealistic quality and post-processing renders
  • 300 test renders per month
  • No Planoplan logo on plans and renders
  • Advanced visualization tools
  • Create a PDF Album
For enterprises to work on projects and share catalog in teams
Upon request
PRO+ features as well:
  • For enterprises to work on projects and share catalog in teams
  • Create a command catalog of models
  • Upon request
  • Annual subscription makes the license cheaper

For questions about corporate services, please leave a request

Rendering packages
10 pc.
20 pc.
50 pc.
4К Quality+3840×2160
Detailed comparison of subscriptions
Up to 3
Up to 1000 m²
Up to 30 000 m²
Up to 100 000 m²
Import the substrate
Loading your own room scheme as a backing
List of objects
Folder with objects
Restore projects
Panorama import (view from the window)
Wall Editorᵝ
Window Editorᵝ
High quality 2D plans
Creating a PDF album
Preview renders
10 per day
300 per month
300 per month
VR Panoramas
5 per month
10 per month
10 per month
Highest priority
Remove Planoplan logo
No Planoplan logo on the renders
Color correction of renders
Free Catalog
Over 5000 3D models and textures
Import 3D models
Import textures
Object groups storage
Administrative panel for account management
Account statistics
Tech Support
Highest priority

The rates and terms and conditions stated on the website are for individuals only.

No public offer.

Frequently asked questions
  • Can I try Planoplan for free?

    Yes! All new users can enjoy a 14-day free trial without a credit card. During this time, full PRO+ functions would be available for you. Moreover, during the trial period you can purchase a PRO+ subscription with a 30% discount using the TRIAL promo code. We will add the remaining trial days to the subscription.

  • What will happen to my projects after the free trial ends?

    You will be able to view your projects after the trial ends. As soon as you subscribe to any payment plan, you can edit your projects again.

  • Are there any discounts for subscriptions?

    Yes, you receive 17% off when you buy an annual subscription i.e. you get two months for free.

  • Are there any discounts for rendering?

    Yes, the larger the rendering package you buy, the greater the discount you get. You receive the best price when you buy a 50 renderings package. Users of PRO+ payment plans pay half-price compared to those who use the BASIC payment plan.

  • What payment methods does Planoplan support?

    You can pay with credit card and PayPal. A bank transfer option is available for a TEAM payment plan only.

  • What happens if I miss a payment?

    As soon as your paid period is over, you can only view your projects without an opportunity to edit or render them.

  • What happens if I forget to unsubscribe?

    If you pay with a card and forget to unsubscribe, we will refund you your payment. You just need to write to the support service within two working days after the money withdrawal.

  • Can I stop my subscription at any moment?

    Yes, delete saved cards from your account. As soon as the paid period expires, you will be switched to a "View Only" mode automatically.