Creation of virtual tours

Definition of the virtual tour

A virtual tour is a feature that allows walking around the virtual premises from the first-person perspective. You are able to look around the room standing in one point and freely moving your gaze anywhere you want. Such view from a single point in the room is called panoramic.
Planoplan allows the user to create 3D-panoramas and panoramic tours around the floor plans on their own. If the floor plan includes several rooms, the user is able to switch between the rooms by clicking on the person icon.
3D-tours created in Planoplan can be open directly on the smartphone by using free Planoplan Real Estate! application. In order to do that, you have to install the app and scan the QR-code of your virtual tour. In case if you have a set of virtual reality glasses, you can immerse into the atmosphere of your future home.

Apartment virtual tours and examples of usage

The process of the virtual tour creation allows the user to play into the atmosphere of the room with new design or renovation. Unlike usual 3D-renders, such 360°-panorama makes it possible to understand the volume of free space, the height of the ceiling and the distance between all the objects inside the room or apartment.
It’s much easier to choose new furnishing or new kitchen together with your relatives when you have 3D-tour.
If you are a designer and you work with various customers or you need to explain the group of workers where to put power sockets and the location of the wardrobe, show them a virtual tour. Seeing something with your eyes once is much better than hearing about that one thousand times.

How to create a virtual tour in Planoplan

In order to create a virtual tour the user needs to create a room, decorate it, install lighting and click on the camera icon located in the upper part of the working screen. The user will be offered to choose the resolution of the panorama. Currently the user can choose between 600 and 900 pixel resolution. The higher is the resolution, the better is the quality of the virtual tour. The VR-panorama is going to be calculated, and you will receive a notification and a QR-code to open the panorama in free Planoplan Real Estate! application for Android and iOS when the panorama is ready. You can also watch a thorough video that explains the process of VR-panorama creation showing everything step by step.

Examples of VR-panoramas created by users of Planoplan service

Examples of virtual tours for developers

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