Loading 3D‑models into Planoplan

What you may need to upload your 3D‑models for, and how you can do it

  • 1 march 2024
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Planoplan catalog has over 5,000 models of furniture and other items that you can order and buy in real stores. For example, Dantone home, Polyform, IKEA, restoration hardware, BoConcept, Crate&Barrel, Cosmorelax and many others.

catalog examples
Models from Planoplan's catalog

But, even if this choice is not enough for you, you can find the model you are interested in on the manufacturer's website, in the catalog on the 3D Warehouse website, or create it yourself and then upload it to Planoplan via the model uploader. In this article we will tell you why you may need to upload your 3D models and how to do it.

"We always try to give you everything you might need. But your imagination will always be much broader than any programs and applications, so you can upload your own models in Planoplan", — Alexander, Head of Visualizations at Planoplan

Uploading your models to Planoplan solves the following tasks:

  • creation of a unique project with unique furniture, interior items, fittings and other details;
  • the possibility to incorporate custom-made furniture into the project;
  • adding furniture to the design project under a partner program;

If you are a manufacturer and you have your own catalog of models, use the design projects created in Planoplan as an additional sales channel

Loading models into Planoplan

Uploading your model is usually easy. Watch the video tutorial or read text explanation below, describing specific details and conditions.


On the left side of the "Catalog" panel, under "Models", select "My Models" → "add model", then select the model format.
Available formats: FBX, Collada (DAE), 3DS, OBJ, SKP


Select a model file on your computer and adapt it to the program by removing highly polygonal elements larger than 200,000 polygons and clicking on the "optimize model" button


Click "import to catalog" and a few minutes later the model will appear in your catalog

The main requirement for loading the model is that it should not be larger than 200,000 polygons. In this way we protect your computer from overloading, so that Planoplan will run on a computer with the minimum required power.

But even if the model has more polygons, you can split it into two or more parts when loading it into Planoplan and load them as separate models. For example, you can separate a blanket from a bed, load them separately, and then combine them in the project.

We lower the threshold of technical requirements for the user who wants to upload their model. Our model uploader does not require any special knowledge. If the polygon limit is exceeded, you can click "optimize model" and the model will be adapted to the program automatically.

Looking towards the future

We are constantly developing the product and trying to provide you with more and more features. Our team is now working on making the downloadable models of lights and doors have the same characteristics and settings as the models from the Planoplan catalog.

Already now, when you upload models to Planoplan, you can:

  • remove unnecessary objects from the model;
  • adjust it to our technical requirements: scale, orientation in space, reduce polygonage (up to point optimization);
  • assign materials and paint elements, assign textures
  • as a result — see the model in your catalog in the editor and incorporate it into your room design!

More options with Planoplan

Uploading your models is available on any Planoplan tariff, and on PRO+ there is no limit on the number of models you can upload. We have an offer for new users: 14 day PRO+ free trial, no credit card needed!