Planoplan 3.0.3 – What's new

New features

  • 16 may 2023
  • 9939
Mini-map is in the upper left corner

Now, while working with the "Surface Design" functionality, a map opens in the upper left corner (identical to the one used when working with the "Wall Deployment" functionality).

Because of the added map, you can determine which wall you are currently working on.

Letter markings for joints and one color for surfaces

Workspace has added letter markings for joints. Also adjacent surfaces are the same color as all other surfaces. This makes fitting joints faster and easier.

Switching to the desired surfaces using the map

By clicking on the desired surface on the map in the upper left corner, you switch to the desired surfaces in the workspace.

Point grid in the surface design workspace

Added a point grid to the workspace. This will avoid mistaking white surfaces with a hole in the wall.

Display furniture that adjoins the surface (walls, floor and ceiling)

Now you can see the furniture that adjoins the surface (walls, floor and ceiling) by ticking the checkbox next to the "Display furniture" button in the right working window. All furniture is displayed in the same way as in the "Wall Expansion". This update allows you to divide any wall into the desired zones.

While editing the floor, the furniture is also displayed now. If you want to split tiles and adjust to size, it is very convenient to do with the current update.

Function of merging objects

In Planoplan 3.0. 3 objects are visually merged with each other. It's also possible to change the color of objects.

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What's changed (bugs)


The button "Show on plan" selected in the "Group settings" window is no longer reset when you reenter the project.


The furniture on the wall layout on the second and higher floors is displayed correctly.

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