Planoplan Editor web-version is over

(news for web-version users only)

  • 31 may 2023
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*Information only for the Web-version of Planoplan. Nothing will change in the classic version of Planoplan Editor for Windows and macOS.

From June 12, the web-version of Planoplan Editor will be unavailable to all users. If you've been using the web-version until then, download the app for Windows or macOS for further work. To log in - use your login and password.

Since the web-version of Planoplan Editor is no longer supported for more than a year, its functionality is outdated and does not match the current one. For the same reason it can not be a demo version of our application, so we decided to end it.

Working with Planoplan Editor on your computer you will get all the benefits of the updated versions: - High speed of operation. - Using all the power of your computer, without the limits of browsers.

Download Planoplan to your computer and use the app without any barriers!