Rendering corrections in Planoplan

Important information for users

  • 5 july 2023
  • 2366

After analyzing the information received (including technical information – the algorithm's actions, servers and received renders), we decided to correct the quality of the preview based on the received data. On July 6, a new version will be available, this will allow to get the desired result not only in terms of illumination, but also in terms of textures.

To show you the benefits of preview rendering, we will publish a video overview on working with lighting soon. In this video Planoplan's leading 3D visualization expert will talk about the basic principles of working with artificial and natural light, and demonstrate how exactly work with light affects the final result.

Also, for a smoother transition to work with preview renders and a correct assessment of their quality, we will return very soon the ability to use as many trial renders as the balance was left.

We thank Planoplan users for the high-quality feedback and remind you that we have started a beta-testing group. Group members will be the first to test all new features and have an influence on Planoplan updates.