Interior Design On A Budget

A choice of an aspiring interior designer. Daria Chernousova’s story

  • 17 april 2024
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Daria Chernousova

Daria Chernousova learned first about Planoplan 3D visualization software five years ago during her study of interior design. She has developed her first real project in 2020. Today her portfolio includes over 1000 sq.m of interiors in the “economic” segment. Yes! Daria offers her customers to save money and finds affordable solutions for them.

From bedroom to a coffee house

Daria started working in Planoplan with a design for her bedroom. She had a lot of ideas, the renovation was already in a process, and Daria wanted to learn the 3D visualization software as quickly as possible.

design for a bedroom
One of the first projects of Daria Chernousova

Impatience and hastiness are not the best friends of a perfect result, but these challenges have motivated Daria to actively study the features and functions of the 3D editor. Project "Bedroom" has been successfully implemented. Together with her husband, Daria has renovated not only the bedroom but also other rooms in her house using the 3D visualization created in Planoplan.

“I liked everything. I was immediately delighted with the software. And, as knowledge expanded, this feeling only intensified.”

In her opinion, a big advantage of Planoplan is its easy-to-learn and only necessary functionality. She did not have to purchase licenses for different software to develop an interior, create a mood board, rendering, cost evaluation, wall elevation, or other materials for a presentation package or documentation for the construction workers.

Quick entry into the profession

Download Planoplan immediately and start to earn from your first steps in the interior design industry!

The quality of the final rendering in Planoplan is determined not only by knowledge of complicated tools for interior creation in 3D but also by an ability to work with textures, lighting, and models, as well as your eye-honing for design and practice.

Inner Porch design
Inner Porch rendering
The first project of Daria Chernousova “Inner Porch”

Having completed the design for her bedroom Daria started a project from her first customer - a friend asked her to design his one-bedroom apartment in a “historical reconstruction” style. Now she had no time pressure and was able to work on the project more thoughtfully: little by little trying out Planoplan features, experimenting with textures and lighting, generating ideas - enjoying the process.

One-bedroom apartment in a “historical reconstruction” style
One-bedroom apartment in a “historical reconstruction” style
One of the first projects of Daria Chernousova “One-bedroom apartment for a friend”

Her first “turnkey” project was to design the interior for a coffee house.

coffee house design
coffee house design
First implemented “turnkey” project of Daria Chernousova “BRILOV coffee house”

Projects With Limited Funds

Daria develops projects on a budget for middle-class customers who are not ready to pay much for interior designer services. She works with simple interior styles: Artisan, Farmhouse, Scandinavian, Rustic, Bohemian, Mediterranean, and others because she can implement them affordably.

Daria Chernousova rendering
Daria Chernousova rendering
One of the first projects of Daria Chernousova

Daria's average rate is below the market, and it was her conscious decision to work in this segment. She tries to diversify the market and offer something other than luxury design. This is not about dumping, but about an opportunity for interior designers to take orders from different customers and organize the space functionally and harmoniously, even on limited funds.

With Focus On Sustainable Consumption

Daria starts to work with her customers with a preliminary discussion of details. It aims to present customers with the principles and features of her work and to illustrate the opportunities of the design on a budget by applying the Planoplan visualization.

Daria Chernousova recent project
Recent projects of Daria Chernousova

She often applies recycled materials - used wooden planks and furniture pieces, and follows the idea of sustainable consumption. For Daria, it is essential to be sure that the customer understands the concept of sustainable consumption, and does not try to save money because of her low price.

Daria Chernousova rendering
Designer: Daria Chernousova

Why Planoplan?

Within 100 days of work in Planoplan Daria has essentially saved funds for her customers. She likes the 3D editor for comfortable work and intuitive interface.

“You don't need to struggle to master the editor which is usual for other visualization software. Working in Planoplan is an immediate pleasure.”

Daria Chernousova rendering
Designer: Daria Chernousova

For Daria, Planoplan is not only a suitable working tool but also a friendly user community where experienced designers are ready to help beginners. Here she can always get inspired by renderings of her colleagues created in Planoplan and get motivated for the further development of her knowledge in interior design and work with 3D visualization.

Subscription For Professionals

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