Uploading legacy FBX models

Problem solved uploading FBX 2012, FBX in ASCII format

  • 8 april 2021
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New model uploader

On 1 April we launched a new preview model uploader. It allows us to evaluate the appearance of the model before importing it into the Planoplan catalogue, fix the size, rotate the model and adjust the materials. The new loader also gives us the opportunity to add support for new formats (collada, 3ds, obj) in future releases.

At the same time the new uploader does not support legacy FBX format.

Problem solving

Upload legacy FBX format: FBX 2012, FBX ASCII

An error message will be displayed when these formats are uploaded.

Downloading converter from Autodesk
Adding a model with an error
Ensure that Binary is selected in the FBX Save Mode field
Press Convert
Upload the saved model to our uploader