Apartment "for a website»

What exactly is included in this package?

Website widget (a small code, similar to embedding videos from Youtube), which includes the usual 2D-plan, 3D-layout with top and side views with a cut of the walls, the ability to rotate 360°, as well as a panoramic tour.

  • 2D plan
    2D plan
  • 3D with view from above
    3D with view from above
  • 3D side view
    3D side view
  • 3D 360°
  • Panoramic tour

How difficult is it to embed your widget on the site?

It only takes five minutes. Just show it to your IT team and they will day it is very simple.

<script src="https://widget.planoplan.com/etc/multiwidget/static/js/main.js"></script> <div id="pop"></div> <script>   Planoplan.init({     width: '620px',     height: '620px',     activeTab: 'top',     uid: '94b725e8807b98d8bf38afa43e8b5eea726a9ffc06a3d06754530d658a010372',     el: 'pop'   }) </script>

How difficult is it to embed your widget on the site?

Yes, the widget is cross-platform, works on all modern computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Wherever your site normally opens, the site with the widget will work as well.

Where are the pictures and panoramic tour stored?

Everything is stored on Planoplan servers. Similar to how the video is stored on Youtube and embedded in external sites.

Can I get bigger pictures? And image for advertising?

Yes, for an additional fee. The cost of one image depends on the size: «Takeaway» Apartment

Apartment «with you»

What exactly is included in this package?

  • 2D план
    2D plan
  • 2D план
    3D with view from above
  • 2D план
    3D side view
  • 3D 360°
  • Panoramic tour
QR code to download a panoramic tour in Planoplan GO free app!

You can also use QR-codes in advertising and printing.

Isn't this tool for meant sales Department?

Yes, the widget is usually used by marketers, and sales managers in offices, exhibitions or other events use smartphones Therefore, if you are a marketer, be sure to coordinate the project with the sales Department. If you do not do this, the deployment may fail.

How to use panoramic tours in sales?

Very simply.

  1. The sales Manager picks up offers with the client, using the usual scripts. Most often, the choice is based on the buyer's budget, the location of the object, floor, rooms and so on.
  2. When there are two or three options, the Manager offers the buyer to move into the future apartment right now.
  3. Manager downloads-plan to a smartphone. To do this, use some Chinese smartphone with a decent screen 5.5” worth 15-20 thousand rubles. Then he inserts the smartphone into the virtual reality glasses and shows the buyer the apartment.

    The perfect smartphone to view the apartment with glasses google cardboard:

    • Samsung Galaxy S6
    • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
    • Samsung Galaxy A5 2016
    • LG Nexus 5X
    • Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Prime
    • Meizu Pro 5
    • Huawei Nexus 6P
    • Galaxy S6 Duos
    • Galaxy Note 5
    • LG G5
    • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
    • Meizu MX6
    • Xiaomi Mi5
    • Meizu PRO 6
    • Galaxy A5 2017
    • Galaxy S7
    • Meizu MX5
    • iPhone 6S

    And newer

  4. After the buyer has received a guaranteed quality experience, the Manager offers a gift of virtual reality glasses, if the buyer will install Planoplan GO right now! and they'll load up his apartments.
  5. The buyer agrees and takes with him the glasses branded by the developer, as well as the content with which he will interact after he leaves the office.

Do you sell virtual reality glasses? How much are they?

No, we do not produce or resell glasses, but we can recommend manufacturers and sellers depending on your needs. The cheap cardboard and plastic glasses are in the range of $ 10 apiece. Better quality plastic-about 15-25 USD. The most advanced — up to 80 USD per piece.

Is it possible to move the furniture and change the design?

No, a panoramic tour is a static picture, "stretched" on the sphere. Its task is to give a visual answer to the main questions of buyers at this stage of purchase. Usually these are questions about the volume of apartments and premises, orientation of Windows, insolation and so on.

For a more complete customer immersion and interactive interaction with the apartment, take a look at the "Virtual apartment" product below.

What if we don't need a website widget? Would it be cheaper?

Unfortunately, not. Our production is designed to upload all the content automatically.

Virtual apartment

What exactly is included in this package?

You will receive a separate Assembly in the form of executable (EXE) files for each apartment. The apartment can be viewed in the presence of the helmet Vive Lenovo or HTC Explorer.

Does this cost include equipment? Or are you selling equipment?

No, we only provide content. The equipment you buy and install yourself. Fortunately, virtual reality helmets are consumer devices, and their installation and configuration will be handled by any of your technicians.

What equipment is best suited?

A computer or laptop with Windows 10 and a separate video card, starting with GTX 1060. From helmets we recommend Lenovo Explorer or HTC Vive.

Is it possible to move the furniture and change the finish in virtual reality?

An interactive virtual reality needs to be justified. If you do not sell furniture and finishes, you do not need to waste your managers time on the client's "games" with furniture.

Reasonable interaction is possible and should be done (for example, to lay out a sofa in a small Studio apartment). Let us know what kind of interaction and why you need, when discussing the project.

If you need a full interactive experience, check out the VR offer for free. In it, your managers will be able to completely interactively change anything in VR, and the buyer will see these changes in the helmet in "real time".