How is the cost of the package calculated?

One "standard apartment" means one standard one-story layout in one color, and under the "set of apartments" — a set of different layouts with the same color and design solution of finishing and furniture.

From a technological point of view, each standard apartment is created with one widget with one set of graphics and one HTML-code to be inserted into the site. If you have twenty physical apartments on your site that have the same layout, you need to build the same widget into twenty apartment cards.

In that case, if one apartment for rent in one residential complex with three different fixed finishing options, the entire project consists of three LCD "pools of apartments", each of which is evaluated separately.

The cost of a two-storey apartment doubles. If two-storey apartments are in the same pool with one-storey, the two-storey are considered as two one-storey.

Only on pools of apartments from 1 to 9 pieces:

  • If the apartment has more than 3 rooms, we add ⅓ from the cost of the apartment for each additional room. On larger pools, size does not matter.
  • In the rates "Apartment on the website" and "Apartment with you" the customer can only choose a ready master plan (see «what is the order of work and progress of the project?» further.)

In the event that additional furniture or textures that are not in the open Planoplan catalog need to be modeled, this will require additional payment at the start of the project. The cost of the house is estimated on request.

How do you differ from your competitors?

Planoplan is a scalable platform for the production of 3D and VR content for mass housing. We are not suitable for luxury interiors. We don't fit in when we have to be "cooler than everyone."

But we are ideal when you need cheap, fast, stable and cross-platform to show the whole LCD, multiple LCD or neighborhood. Most of the colleagues in the market model housing manually, with the help of qualified specialists in 3D-graphics. Planoplan is a specialized designer that allows you to solve the same problem for mass housing by less qualified employees and much faster.

Finally, we understand the marketing and sales of housing. We will not sell you "the best technology possible". Our task is to give you convenient tools for communication with your future customers.

Can I have one apartment to try?

We will be very grateful if you tell us in advance how exactly you are going to "try" one apartment. What exactly is going to prove to you that it "works" for you?

We can make one apartment to "try", but only if you choose a ready master plan (color design solutions for decoration and furniture), without modifications.

We have interior design in 3DMax, ArchiCAD, and so on. Can I upload it to Planoplan?

No, Planoplan is a designer with its logic of building walls and openings, floors, as well as with its catalog of furniture and materials. If you have fully finished interior models, it is cheaper and easier to export them to Unreal Engine than to try to repeat them in Planoplan.

What are the deadlines for the project?

Terms are estimated for each project, and for an average set of 15-20 standard apartments are from 20 working days (excluding the coordination of intermediate results). Deadlines can be increased on larger projects, and if necessary to model furniture, plumbing, doors and so on.

What is the order of work and progress of the project?

  • We will agree on the contract and project requirements. The developer provides floor plans, drawings of facades, preferred master plan, and other finishing requirements.
  • We sign the original contract. Please note that we do not start work until the original contract is signed and advance payment is received! It may take up to weeks, depending on "Russian post" and other logistics companies operation. Negotiation of contracts in the legal Department of the real estate companies may be delayed for a month. Plan your project in advance!
  • After receiving the prepayment we make a master plan. The developer will agree on a master plan.
  • We complte all the other apartments. The developer accepts them. We sign the acts of acceptance-delivery of works.
  • We give HTML code widgets or VR - Assembly of apartments and, if it was agreed, graphic content.

Can we make our own plans with Planoplan?

Yes, with an affiliate account. Please contact our customer service managers in any way convenient for you.

Is it possible to make a mobile application for us?

We do not develop mobile applications with specific functionality for customers. But we can make a branded version of the app Planoplan GO! under a specific client.

For specific information, contact your account managers in any way you like.